Friday, August 27, 2010

Welcome to my blog! :D

Hello readers :D

My internet name is John Titor, I like to draw and I like to go on the internet and just now today I found a way to put both together :).

In this blog I will be exploring the idea of Artificial Intelligence in society, is it acceptable? Why? Why not? What will it look like? Etc etc. Also I will be exploring my own ideas to create a fembot based on the likeness and physical appearance of Nicole Kidman.

Modern day society laws prevent androids from mixing with general human population. People insist that androids are not capable of self-awareness and therefore, basic human rights. Are the androids people in themselves, or are they just simply property of human?

Are they perhaps somewhere in between. They do not have human rights, they are used as tools and machines for humans, but no human can own one.

"Why do you give them faces if they are not even real people?"

We give them faces for the sake of humans, not the androids themselves. Humans can identify with the androids and the faces and human-like characteristics are existent so interaction is a lot easier for the human's sake. I feel the hair is not necessary? Why is it there? Bridge the gap between AI and human. Are we even real ourselves?

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