Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An female eye

just drew this, pls excuse crappy webcam quality.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New drawings!

All of these drawings were made in MS Paint using the spraypaint tool.

I hope you like :D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some kind of abstraction.

Something.. illusory.

A man's face

Hidden in a fog of uncertainty.

Took me three minutes with the Spraypaint tool in Microsoft Paint. I only used the colour black. Hope you like.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A man?

The amateur quality of this drawing is why I don't draw men's faces hahaha.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Look into her eye. What is she thinking?

Just woke up, felt satisfied by drawing this. Can you try to imagine what she is thinking?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two figure drawings.

Just two random figure drawings I did, of a chrome humanoid fembot.

The antenna at the top is for communication purposes.

morphing around

(c) Nicole Kidman + Bar Rafaeli
Wow isn't she pretty?

Facial features.

From now on, I think all of my picture posts will be 200x200 just to comfort for all the dialup users out there (hey I know there has to be at least one).

In this post, we will explore the variable facial features, as to determine the perfect face for our AI.

I have done a few basic drawings highlighting the difference in physical facial features and bone structure.

Figure A
This face shape is the average European standard of beauty. As you can see, the zygona process is thin and the face has an overall oval shape. I somewhat did edit the lips to make them slightly larger than average, and this will be expected in the end result. The brow ridge begins late, slanting the eyebrows downward-outward and the nose is thin, the nose ridge is high.

Figure B
This is the more conventional European face. The eyes are smaller than Figure A, the lips are thinner and the pout is smaller. The face is more rectangular than oval, the brow ridge begnins early. This is the standard face of most European models.

Figure C
This face highlights very different features than Figure A and B. It would also appear that the face in Figure C, is of a different ethnicity. Perhaps East-African or Asian. I'm thinking Korean. The face has a more smoothed, curved shape with wide cheekbones and an earlier hairline peak. The eye sockets are not as deep and the brow ridge is balanced evenly. The lips are also bigger than average.

Figure D
I originally intended to only have Figures A to C but I kept messing around with Figure C and came up with this very interesting face. Although accidentally not symmetrical, Figure D looks a lot more oriental than Figure C. This was interesting to me because I intended Figure C to be oriental. On closer examination, the cheekbones are a lot wider here than compared to Figure B.


AI beauty

Are artificial intelligent bots allowed to look beautiful? Considering that they are completely made by design, is it unfair to the human population that their artificial counterparts are perhaps more beautiful than they are?

Perhaps maybe. One suggestion is that the AI must have red Iris' to identify their nature. All AI will have the same bone structure? (Same facial shape, characteristics)

The eye of the female Eve AI would be as follows:

(Please excuse the poor drawing, it took me 3 mins in Paint xD)

But as you can see from the image, the eye is sized smaller in relation to the eye sockets comparable to the forehead, making the face look more symmetrical. This is the same standard of attractiveness as seen in today's modelling industry. The brow ridge is peaked early, giving the eyebrow a slanted outward appearance. If the brow ridge peaked late, the eye would look like this:

As you can see, the eyebrow is peaked downward-outward. Overall, it gives the eye/overall face a more "innocent", fresh, look.


How does the AI learn and grow?

The AI is nothing but a pattern recognition and response software on a computer. Ideally, to start with, the AI would be based on a huge room of server computers with a user inferface consisting of only a monitor, a microphone and earphones.

In popular culture we can see how Hollywood has tried to change the image of Artificial Intelligence to a humanoid robot, (Terminator, Metropolis, I, Robot). In reality, this method is simply not practical. The human-AI interaction is not one-sided. This means that the robot does not need to go shopping, go to the doctor, or even get any sunlight at all. Imagine a room in every city with various outlets. Consider it like a library. Each person has a desk, a monitor, earphones and a microphone that are all wired to the server in another room. They can then ask the bot for advice or information.

The bot would learn and get smarter everytime somebody interacts with it. The AI would get smarter from birth to growth similar to how a human being does as a baby and small child. We are told that "1" is one, and from then on we refer to this experience in our memory so that everytime we see the digit, we know what it is.

The teaching process for the AI could take between 1 and 20 years, depending on how much time is given. Or, we could develop a software that will feed information through to the bot, teaching itself. Then, the bot would be left alone for 6 months to process the information. Then, we will dedicate another year after that, so that it can recognize speech patterns.

Welcome to my blog! :D

Hello readers :D

My internet name is John Titor, I like to draw and I like to go on the internet and just now today I found a way to put both together :).

In this blog I will be exploring the idea of Artificial Intelligence in society, is it acceptable? Why? Why not? What will it look like? Etc etc. Also I will be exploring my own ideas to create a fembot based on the likeness and physical appearance of Nicole Kidman.

Modern day society laws prevent androids from mixing with general human population. People insist that androids are not capable of self-awareness and therefore, basic human rights. Are the androids people in themselves, or are they just simply property of human?

Are they perhaps somewhere in between. They do not have human rights, they are used as tools and machines for humans, but no human can own one.

"Why do you give them faces if they are not even real people?"

We give them faces for the sake of humans, not the androids themselves. Humans can identify with the androids and the faces and human-like characteristics are existent so interaction is a lot easier for the human's sake. I feel the hair is not necessary? Why is it there? Bridge the gap between AI and human. Are we even real ourselves?

The perfect face; Fembot.

Imagine a fembot that exists not as a titanium shell, but instead as a hologram inside a room.

Who is this Fembot? Her name is Eve. What does she look like? This is the question I ask myself every night.

Let us now explore the face of Eve.

This is the face of famous actress, Nicole Kidman.Her face is very geometric and symmetrical. Does a fembot need a mouth? Does a fembot need a nose? Obviously a Fembot would not need a mouth, and a nose that would both work in accordance with eachother, in perfect condition. On this subject, there is no possible way for smells and tastes to be converted into electronic data.

Given that the fembot would need no nose or mouth, would it look somewhat like this:

As you can see, there is only one space for a camera detector on the inside of the face shell. The mouth also would be a heat detector. And at the top, a wireless communication device to connect back to the base.