Friday, August 27, 2010

AI beauty

Are artificial intelligent bots allowed to look beautiful? Considering that they are completely made by design, is it unfair to the human population that their artificial counterparts are perhaps more beautiful than they are?

Perhaps maybe. One suggestion is that the AI must have red Iris' to identify their nature. All AI will have the same bone structure? (Same facial shape, characteristics)

The eye of the female Eve AI would be as follows:

(Please excuse the poor drawing, it took me 3 mins in Paint xD)

But as you can see from the image, the eye is sized smaller in relation to the eye sockets comparable to the forehead, making the face look more symmetrical. This is the same standard of attractiveness as seen in today's modelling industry. The brow ridge is peaked early, giving the eyebrow a slanted outward appearance. If the brow ridge peaked late, the eye would look like this:

As you can see, the eyebrow is peaked downward-outward. Overall, it gives the eye/overall face a more "innocent", fresh, look.